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My Bridge Fascinations

My fascination with bridges has stemmed from, I guess, my interest in architectural features.  This has been an outgrowth of my involvement with the plan review process in my current employment as a Fire Prevention Inspector (just one of my many duties as an Inspector...).  As noted in the list of interests on my homepage, my interests in bridges have spread to cover quite a bit of territory. 

In my postcard collection, bridges play quite a prominent role.  I do have quite an extensive variety of postcards showing all kinds of bridges.  As the postcards themselves range in age and style of current chrome types, back through the "linen era", to much older white border cards that are close to a hundred years old now, a lot of these bridges portrayed on the cards probably do not exist anymore, have been bypassed by the newer super highways, or have been significantly altered or modified to meet the demands of modern day use.

Another way that bridges combine with my other interests is in my love of travel.  I will sometimes "hit the road" in my car for a couple of weeks to a month, just as a vacation, and I am always looking along the way for any interesting bridges to check out and hopefully photograph.  That is one of the many benefits of car travel, the chance, and choice, to be driving down the road and upon seeing, or hearing of, an older or unusual bridge somewhere off on a side road, just to turn that steering wheel and head off down that side road and to explore another bridge...

Some Of My Bridge Explorations

Neshanic Station Bridge

This is a lenticular truss bridge in Neshanic Station, NJ, built in 1896.

Stony Brook Bridges

These are two stone arch bridges, spanning Stony Brook, in Princeton, NJ, one is known to have been built in 1792.

Some Of My Favorite Bridge Links On The Internet

NYC Roads - Metro Crossings

This is a really great site by Steve Anderson that gives wonderful coverage to New York's bridges and tunnels. Not only does it cover the metro area crossings, but also includes the roads and highways in the area with current information and extensive history of everything covered on the site. Highly recommended!!!

Nicolas Janberg's Structurae

This is an extensive site by Nicolas Janberg over in Germany covering not only bridges, but also other structural types from all over the world. In Nicolas' own words, Structurae is a database for works of structural and civil engineering, but also contains many other works of importance or interest of the fields of architecture and public works. This site is mostly concerned with the structural aspects of the works documented here and the technical aspects of their construction and design. At the same time we do take into account the social, historic and architectural context.

This site is available in three languages, English, French, and German.

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